November 17th, 2006


Grunge Brushes & New Layout!

ZOMG, new layout. Probably the most simple one i've ever made so far, but... I like it. because it's dark. I *love* dark layouts. ^_^ ...and, surprise, surprise!! this one actually doesnt feature Yamapi! Haha... Tego-chan is just as hawt when he's not acting all cutesy. He's so adorable. <3 I'm starting to like him even more than Massu, which i never believed i'd like anyone better than Massu. but i've always loved Tego, too. cause both of them are best friends and always sing together in all of NEWS' songs. ...woah. i'm seriously rambling on here..... oh! But! new brush set. ...the next post will probably have some icons and textures... since i've been posting too many brushes lately. =_= hehe. these were so much fun to make. XD they can be used as both brushes and textures, though. ^__^ enjoy, and thanks for all the comments and watches. *throws cookies at everyone* mwuhahaha! sorry, no chocolate chip. T_T

Download ABR File + Image Pack

01. Credit me if taken.
02. Comment, please. ♥
03. enjoy! :D
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