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16 March 2007 @ 07:07 pm
right when i got home, i started working on icons & the tutorial and everything... i'm happy with what i got done. ...i mean, though none of it looks GREAT, it's ok. haha. XD as kyliemuffin requested, i posted the tutorial for #4 of the alice nine icons i made a few days ago. ^^ hope it helps. ♥ ♥ ...welp, it's a Friday night and i actually dont have to work! i'm gonna go cruise tokyo with my bestest fwiend. <3 (and probably spend all my money again. >.O)

x05 Dir en Grey
x05 Gackt
x05 Hana Kimi
x05 NEWS
x20 Tokio Hotel
+ icon tutorial


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14 March 2007 @ 08:49 pm
yay for a new layout!! :D the overrides were taken from the wonderful letsbebad, and the graphic was made by myself. i had to have a Tokio Hotel layout... i was going crazy not being able to have one. *laughs* so i made it and i think it turned out actually pretty well... i'm decently proud of it. ^_^ but you all know me... i usually get tired of my layouts after about a week. but isnt Bill so f*cking beautiful? gah, i love him. ^^ ...but - besides that... here are a few random goodies. Two brush sets this time and 21 new icons. enjoy, my loves ~ !

x09 alice nine.
x02 Hyde
x05 Tokio Hotel (Bill)
x05 Tommy Heavenly6
x02 Tiny Text Brush Sets

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